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The ABCs of Mold Prevention

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The ABCs of Mold Prevention Commercial Floor Mold Damage

Commercial buildings in Chardon, OH, are difficult to prevent mold growth in because there are often a variety of clients, tenants, or customers with varying degrees of preferences on humidity levels. Mold loves humidity and has adapted to easily survive on the small amount of moisture on a structural wall during a humid day. For that reason, indoor molds are most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. If leaky pipes are present, or water damage has occurred, mold also loves to grow on ceilings and within walls.

Preventative Measures

Mold is a common fungus, with thousands of different types and species growing all over the world at any given time. Consequently, the only way to potentially prevent mold growth is to make the building inhospitable to the fungi life cycle. Here are a few ways to deter mold’s growth:

• Add mold inhibitors to paint before painting each area of the building, especially bathrooms and basements.
• Use dehumidifiers, air conditioners, or fans to keep humidity levels within the building to between 30 and 65 percent.
• Vent kitchens, basements, and bathrooms with exhaust fans to lower humidity levels.
• Keep the area under houseplants free from water to deter possible fungi growth.
• Remove carpets from damp rooms such as bathrooms or basements. Spores can quickly bury themselves into the damp carpet and thrive.
• Use sanitizing mold prevention products to clean areas with any water damage or mildew growth to prevent possible future contamination.
• Contact a mold remediation professional at the first sign of water leakage under appliances or in bathrooms.

Precaution Problems

Sometimes mold attacks in unseen places after a flood or pipe leak. Once this occurs, removing the rot is not enough to eliminate the fungi entirely. Mold can survive for years without water, only to awake and germinate at the first sign of liquid.

Seeking the assistance of a remediation expert may help prevent future contamination and water damage. The experts know how to disinfect infected areas and completely kill mold colonies.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 4 Ways To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing Ceiling Pipe Break

Frozen temperatures can sneak up on you. To complicate matters, when you own a commercial property in Burton, OH, it is possible that you are not always present. This means you cannot always make sure that little things, such as leaving a faucet dripping or keeping cabinets open, are done to avoid frozen pipes. Fortunately, there are other ways you can safeguard your large pipes from freezing.

1. Automated Heating Control

Setting the thermostat at an automated range that others cannot override manually can prevent you from having to hire water restoration specialists to do costly water line repair later. Keeping your heater running when the weather is below freezing, even if there is no one present, is a simple way to protect your pipes.

2. Sealant on Holes and Cracks

Another way to avoid frozen pipes is to keep warm air inside and cold air outside. Inspect your interior and exterior walls for any cracks or holes that are letting heat escape. Block the cold drafts by sealing the fissures that allow them passage.

3. Heating Tape

Heating tape can be applied directly to pipes, ensuring that they stay at a temperature above freezing. Unless pipes are exposed, it is a good idea to use self-regulating tape so that it does not overheat. Follow manufacturers’ instructions carefully to avoid turning tape into a fire hazard.

4. Extra Insulation

Adding extra insulation to the walls and ceilings of your property in Burton, OH, can keep your pipes from bursting. You can also fit your pipes with fiberglass or rubber sleeves to provide an extra barrier to the cold directly to the pipes. If your building seems to lose heat easily, this may be the best option.

Protecting the pipes in your commercial building can save you time and money. By taking a few extra precautions, you are more likely to avoid frozen pipes and the expensive repairs that come with them.

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How To Prepare Your Home When a Storm Is Imminent

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Hurricanes, burst dams, and torrential rains all have one thing in common: flooding waters. Among the most understood and most common of natural disasters, floods are also the most destructive. When a deluge enters your home or apartment in Chardon, OH, the rising flood water can do immense damage. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home in case a storm flood hits.

The Outside

Life can be hectic, but preparing your residence for a possible storm is critical in preventing a flood water disaster. Before the heavy rain and driving winds assault your home, make sure to check the outside. By taking a few precautions, you can help prevent possible water damage:

• Check the sump pump and install a backup battery
• Clean debris from gutters and move downspouts away from foundation walls
• Secure outdoor furniture, sheds, and grills
• Relocate trash cans, potted plants, and storage containers
• Trim trees of dead branches and fragile limbs
• Remove tree limbs that hang over building rooftops
• Inspect your roof for damaged or missing tiles

The Inside

Take a few minutes to survey your home, take pictures, and locate important items, as well as following these steps:

• Find your insurance policy and update with flood insurance, if possible
• Identify and move items you own that could be damaged in a flooded building
• Upload the pictures of your possessions to the cloud or other off-site location
• Secure windows and close storm shutters or curtains to prevent shattered glass
• Move valuables and important papers to upper floors or upper closet shelves
• Find a meeting place for family members to gather

The Aftermath

Once the storm is over, assess the damage. Taking pictures can help establish the severity of the flood water and the destruction of your personal property. Contact the insurance company and a flood restoration team in Chardon, OH, and ask for assistance in rebuilding your home. Most importantly, keep your family calm and safe.

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How To Care for Water-Damaged Items After a Flood

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Care for Water-Damaged Items After a Flood Water Damage Home and Content

Flooding in your Burton, OH, home can happen for many reasons. Water in the home may be the result of a burst water pipe, a leaky sink or toilet, or a flood caused by nature. No matter the reason, water can seriously damage precious keepsakes, documents and other important items that you cannot replace. If you find yourself with waterlogged photo albums, toys or other important keepsakes after a flood, there are a few ways you can try to salvage them.

Gathering Items After a Flood

Flood waters can have a different affect on a variety of items. However, there are a few valuables that require special attention:

" Artwork
" Paper documents
" Photo albums

If a broken pipe caused one room to flood and you know the water is not contaminated with sewage or dangerous chemicals, you can carefully gather these items from the water and start dry cleaning them indoors in an area with low humidity and away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause paper documents and artwork to fade or curl.

Determining Condition

You may not be able to salvage everything after a flood, but once water in your home recedes, taking stock of what remains can help you determine what is worth keeping. If some items have mud or silt on them, wash it away carefully with a low-pressure hose and set the items indoors to dry. A storm cleanup and restoration company can advise you on whether some objects affected by black water can be properly sanitized.

Handling Items With Severe Damage

If books, photos or other fragile items are badly damaged, they might require special care. Try to air dry these items as much as possible, and then store them in plastic airtight cases until you can contact a paper goods restoration specialist.

When water in a home damages precious items, the effects can be devastating. However, knowing how to react and handle these items in case of a flood in your Burton, OH, can help you act quickly and allow you to salvage as much as you can.

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Turning a Mold Disaster Into an Opportunity

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Turning a Mold Disaster Into an Opportunity Mold Loss in Ohio Home

Chances are that you would welcome any kind of good news if you're suffering through a mold infestation in Chardon, OH. You have mold cleaning bills to face and furniture to throw away. Unfortunately, mold damage is the type of problem where some forced optimism is necessary to find any upside. There is a silver lining, but it's thin.

The first major benefit of getting your home professionally cleaned to remove mold is obvious: You have the best possible chance of eliminating the infestation and preventing further contamination. In addition, there are two potentially good things about the mold remediation process:

* Your furniture will need to be replaced
* Some furnishings might need to be cleaned

Remediate and Refresh

You might ask how these are good things. As far as furniture replacement is concerned, many homeowners in Chardon, OH, live with outdated or worn-out furniture even if they have the resources available to buy replacements. Having your home in a state of relative chaos is a good time to order, build and install new furnishings. Looking forward, these new items could benefit you during a home sale or provide many more years of comfort than your previous furnishings.

Save What Matters

Here's some more good news in the form of bad news: You might be able to save some of your possessions. This possibility comes with two major warnings. The first is that mold cleaning for possessions could be extremely costly. In some cases, it's more expensive than buying replacements. The second warning is that, if you go with budget services, there's a good chance your saved item could harbor some rogue mold spores. Try to make hard decisions and save only what's truly valuable or sentimentally important to you.

It isn't easy to find many benefits to a mold infestation. However, mold cleaning does give you some incentive to refresh your home, and there are often ways to preserve the items you value the most.

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Leaky Roof Cleanup

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Leaky Roof Cleanup Commercial Storm Damage

Many people have dealt with leaky roofs at one point or another. While it may not always sound like a big deal, a roof leak can cause extensive damage, from mold growth to harm in the interior ceiling. You don’t want to leave a leaky roof unattended. The roof is an essential component to the building. When it comes to flood cleanup for the roof, here is what a company may do for your Chardon, OH, building.

1. Tear Out

After a roof leak, the first step is to call a flood restoration company. They can do an assessment on the damage done to your roof. For instance, if there is any mold growth, they will be able to identify it and help clear it out. In some cases, the damage to the shingles or roof may be too widespread, and some materials may have to be torn out before you can focus on the restoration.

2. Dry Out

The company will usually dry out the salvaged materials in the second step. Generally, the goal is to save as much as can be saved. A damaged roof often has some parts that can be saved and dried out whereas others may have to be torn up. Once everything is dried, it can go through the disinfecting process. This will make sure there are no mold spores left.

3. Restore

The restoration involves returning your roof to like-new condition. This can mean replacing any missing shingles, redoing the installation or fixing any number of damages that were done to the roof.

When you have a roof leak, it’s important that you deal with it right away. Water damage has a way of getting worse over time. The longer you leave it, the more you are likely to have mold growth and extensive damage that cannot be salvaged. When it comes to restoration, having as much of the original roof as possible helps.

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How to Handle a Flooded Company

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage is a serious risk for any business, and it can come from some very surprising places. Depending on the weather, long-term climate, and building materials, there are a lot of ways for water to get in and damage company property, and it’s hard to make sure you have a plan for dealing with all of them. Luckily, when you do have a flooded company, a plan for fixing the problem and dry cleaning company property will help you minimize the damage so your operation can bounce back quickly.

Understanding Types of Water Damage

When your building in Burton, OH experiences any kind of water incursion, whether it’s from flooding, roof problems, a broken pipe, or other sources, there are two types of damage you need to be prepared to deal with.

• Primary Damage is the damage caused by the water coming in immediately. It can include discoloration of materials and damage caused by the force of the water’s entrance to an area.
• Secondary Damage is damage caused by persistent exposure to the water after it has made its way into the building. It frequently results from incomplete cleanup or a lack of proper dry cleaning, and it can affect both building features and items inside.

Minimizing Water Damage

A flooded company in Burton, OH is a serious problem, and cleanup is going to be a major undertaking, but when you work with certified restoration experts who understand how to properly clean to prevent secondary damage with time, you can easily bounce back. The key is a fast response, and that is easier to ensure when you research your options and pre-select the experts you want to work with.

Contact your insurance company to better understand your coverage, and then go looking for a restoration company that has all the certifications you will need. After that, it’s just a matter of planning a backup protocol to keep your operation moving forward during the cleanup. That way, your flooded company won’t have to shut down.

3 Best Tips for Water Damage Cleanup

2/16/2018 (Permalink)

Excessive water in your home from a flood or broken pipe can damage valuable possessions and pose a health risk. If your house isn’t cleaned in a timely manner, mildew or mold will develop. In most cases, you’ll need to hire a professional restoration and dry cleaning service in Bainbridge, OH. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to protect your valuables.

1. Circulate Air

Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity environments. Water in your home from floods or broken pipes makes your residence more humid. Increase the circulation of cool air with the following items:

• Dehumidifiers
• Air conditioner
• Open windows
• Fans

As an added precaution, open the shades, curtains or blinds. This exposes your house to considerable sunlight, which can help reduce mildew and mold.

2. Air Dry Objects

Avoid placing wet objects outdoors in direct heat or sunlight. This will cause them to buckle, warp and split. Instead, let the items air dry indoors. Do you have possessions that must be carried in plastic bags or containers? If so, leave both open so your valuables can dry naturally.

3. Rinse Items

Floods create problems in addition to water damage. Flood waters also leave behind silt or mud. This debris can cake up or leave heavy deposits on objects such as metal items. Quickly rinse objects off with clean water. You may also use a fine hose spray. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or soft brush. This helps prevent any scratching. Always wear rubber or plastic gloves for your protection.

A broken pipe or a flood in Bainbridge, OH, can bring unwanted water in your home, which can damage everything from clothing and walls to furniture and carpet. This requires an extensive cleanup. Of course, you’ll need a dry cleaning, repair and restoration service for handling major recovery issues. However, until the professionals arrive, you can salvage your most precious possessions by following the tips above.

Effective Cleanup Ideas After a Fire

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Any homeowner would shudder at the thought of a fire starting in his or her home.

This is a nightmare scenario that could cause extensive damage, not to mention costly repair, cleaning and recovery. In large fires, if you didn’t have effective content storage to keep out the flames and smoke, you’ll likely have to deal with ruined clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics and a host of other things. Fortunately, dry-cleaning services in Mayfield, OH, can often help restore your items. There are also other content cleaning methods to get your items back to a usable state.

1. Professional carpet cleaning can help salvage your flooring. Your carpets can bear a huge brunt of a house fire in Mayfield, OH. It’s not just the flames that can destroy flooring; smoke and water damage can also make carpets unsalvageable. However, there are experienced, reputable carpet-cleaning companies that have the tools and skills to remove the odors and even restore your carpets. Make sure you include carpet and floor cleaning in your content cleaning efforts following a fire.

2. Dry-cleaning can save your clothes. Smoke damage can wreak havoc with your wardrobe, but all hope is not lost. Choosing a top dry-cleaner will help ensure that awful smoke smell is gone from your clothes. A regular cycle in the washer won’t do. Make sure you take a trip to the cleaners.

3. Professional ultrasonic care can help with non-porous items. For those items damaged that weren’t protected in content storage, professional cleanup and restoration companies are your best source. They can handle all your cleanup needs. The pros will use ultrasonic tools and methods to tackle even the most challenging items. They can even clean smoke-damaged materials and items.

Turn to the professionals to help with your dry-cleaning and content cleaning after a fire. They can help restore all the items not protected by content storage.

Using Your Space Heater Safely

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

When the winter chill sets in, it’s only natural to want to stay warm.

However, sometimes your heating fails you, or maybe you don’t have central heating to begin with. That’s typically when the space heaters come out to keep things toasty and warm. While these appliances are certainly useful, they can be extremely dangerous to you, your family and your home if not used correctly and responsibly, leading to a burned space heater and a lot of professional smoke cleanup in the aftermath. What many people using space heaters don’t realize about them is that:

  • They cause around a third of winter house fires every year.
  • They typically contribute to around 80 percent of winter house fire deaths.
  • Insurance companies have had to pay over $48 million for space heater damages in the past five years.

Fortunately, there are plenty of precautions you can take to use your heater responsibly so you and your family can be both safe and warm this winter in Mayfield, OH.

Isolated Spaces

The leading cause of a burned space heater is that homeowners often set them up much too close to other items. According to a number of insurance websites, your heater should be at least three feet away from anything it could potentially burn at all times to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring.

Don’t Leave It Unattended

Yes, you want your home to be warm when you get home, but is it worth risking a house fire? If you’re not able to directly supervise your space heater, it’s always best to switch it off and let it cool down before you leave.

Level Settings

When placing your space heater, ensure it’s on a level surface. This way, it’s less likely that the machine will tip over and create a hazardous condition.

By keeping children away from your heater, refraining from using extension cords, and keeping your smoke alarms in order, you can reduce the chances of experiencing a burned space heater in your home this winter.