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Different Causes of Water Damage

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Different Causes of Water Damage

Water is an important commodity in any building more so homes and workplaces. As a result, water accounts for a significant part of the utility bill. This commodity is also becoming increasingly scarce; hence, the cost of having it in the homes is also rising. Preservation measures encompass prevention of water damage as it causes massive water loss.

Causes of Water Loss

Water damage is a common problem that business premises and homes experience. The plumbing system in your house or business could go wrong leaving you with leaking faucets or bursting pipes. If there is a leak or damaged pipes, it is important to contact a restoration professional to avert the possible damage to your property. Apart from destroying your property, broken pipes will also cause massive water loss and push your bills up.

Flooding water in your home can destroy the indoor environment. The excessive moisture caused by flooding can lead to rapid deterioration of the structures and personal belongings. It could even lead to more problems if the water in your home is unsanitary and the drying process is delayed. Damaged water in business can destroy office production machines, computers, carpets, and furniture, among other valuables.

What should you do if there is flood water in your business or home?

Even after suffering a flood damage, it is possible to salvage the situation. When one encounters a flood, he or she may be overcome by fear and anxiety. It is imperative to note that panicking can only escalate the problem. Note that not all water-related problems could be fixed through DIY; some involve complex plumbing systems. Remember that water damage restoration also requires professionals who understand the potential hazards. For instance, water in a business premise could come into contact with your electrical wiring posing a grave danger to you and your employees.

The harmful effects of water can be reduced through prompt response and effective intervention. Some damages may appear irreversible but a quick water cleanup and subsequent mitigation processes can have incredible results. Calling a water damage expert is important to prevent further loss of water through leakage or spilling.

Water Cleanup

The process of restoration follows a scientific approach that also incorporates a drying process. First, it requires determination of the amount of damage caused by the water in a business or home. Professionals will assess your property to determine whether it can be restored or replaced. The criteria that a majority of them uses to assess the situation involves checking the extent of property damage, the extent of contamination, and the cost of restoring the property versus replacement cost.

This implies that if there is a prompt response to flood water in a home or business, most valuables can be saved. However, if you delay in calling an expert, the water in your home or business could have irreversible damage to your property. The damages could lead to the interruption of your business and increase the financial burden through costly utility bills and replacement costs. A comprehensive water damage mitigation also includes drying to prevent mold from growing.

Mitigation of Flood Damage

If you notice any kind of uncontrolled water in your home or business, you should not wait until the problem escalates. Most flood damage cases start as a small defect, are ignored for days, and end up bursting into an uncontrollable mess.

Flood damage is also associated with plumbing failures. Some of the steps you should take immediately you notice that there is damage in the water system include:
• Do not panic, remain focused on the task at hand
• Call your plumbing service company, some of them offer water cleanup and drying services
• If you can access the water main, shut it down to stop further loss of water and flooding
• The main electrical breaker should be shut and all the plugged electrical appliances removed from the carpet
• Lift all curtains that may be touching the floor
• Books, papers, and fabrics should be removed

The most important mitigation process is to commence with the restoration promptly. Calling an expert promptly will prevent further water loss and damage to your property. The experts will start with water cleanup to remove all the water in your business or home. Visit for more information on water damage.

The Need For Fire Damage Restoration Services

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The Need For Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage can result in more extensive losses than the ones that are immediately visible. Without professional fire cleanup services, you may be unable to restore your home or business to its former glory. The role of the commercial fire damage services is to remove the smoke smell and other forms of damage occasioned by fire. If you have ever had the experience of having fire in the home, you know that there is much work to be done once the fire fighters have left. Thus, you know that you need professionals to get rid of the soot damage.

Smoke damage

Whenever there is a fire in the business or fire in the home, the immediate goal should be to stop it. The next step is to organize for professional fire damage restoration services. The aftermath often means that the home or business is left with ash and smoke smell which can cause further damage to the house. For instance, the soot damage may contribute to increased corrosion of the property. Ash residue can cause discoloration of surfaces in the home. It can also affect furniture and other appliances leading them to lose value and appear older and worn out than they are. In order to ensure this does not become a major issue, you should get fire cleanup professionals.

Fire Damage Restoration Standards

Professional fire cleanup services are preferred since they are able to deliver the work based on set standards. When it comes to clearing the house of the smoke smell, you need to have people who know what they are doing. Professionals have extensive training and experience needed to perform this task. Ideally, they should be members of a professional body that represents their interests and also sets standards for the industry. This is important to ensure that all the professionals hired to cleanup commercial fire damage can be relied upon to deliver the needed results. Professionals that have certificates that show they meet standards are often reliable.

Soot Damage Costs

It is important to start the fire cleanup as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished. The longer the soot damage and smoke damage remains unaddressed, the higher the costs. Industry professionals recommend that fire restoration cleanup be done early so as to avoid further damage and escalating costs. For example, there may be carpets that need to be replaced as a result of permanent discoloration, the metals may rust, and the smoke damage and smoke smell odors can linger on till they become unbearable. Ash is acidic and it continues causing damage to the house over time. It can also spread around the house easily which magnifies the fire damage cleanup of fire damage restoration problem you are facing.

Smoke Smell

Commercial fire damage experts are usually called in for cleanups for the fact that they have orderly manner in which they under take the smoke damage cleanup. They have the training and certification needed to carry out a thorough examination of the house and the fire damage. From the assessment, fire damage restoration activities can then commence.

The restoration processes after a fire in the business or fire in the home may need to be conducted by professionals who understand the value of maintaining secrets. The fire may affect sensitive parts of your business, especially information or assets you may not want getting into the hands of business rivals. In that case, you need commercial fire damage professionals who can handle the sensitive documents when handling fire in the business or fire in the home.

In some cases, there may need to be some reconstruction depending on the extent of the fire in the home or fire in the business. You might also need to have professionals carry out regular checks after the first cleanup to ensure that all the damage was caught and that there are no lingering issues. Sometimes it can be difficult to get all the spots in the first instance and this might necessitate a follow up. All these are reasons why you need professionals working for you. Therefore, if you have unfortunately suffered from fire damage and are in need of restoration and cleanup services, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate professionals.
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Importance of Hiring Mold Removal and Remediation Professionals

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Importance of Hiring Mold Removal and Remediation Professionals

The presence of a musty and smelly odor in a home or business is a clear indication that a type of fungus is developing and may lead to mold damage. Fungi such as mildew and mold thrive on most organic materials including ceilings, paper, fabric, wood, and shower stalls if they have moisture. While fungi may be useful in some industries and nutrient recycling in the environment, some varieties of fungi are toxic. Home and commercial mold damage lead to diseases such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, eye infections, and valley fever. Therefore, immediate mildew or mold removal, fungus, and air deodorization actions should be taken when fungal signs appear.

Some mold in home can cause instant death in humans and animals. Many home and business owners think that fungus removal is a simple do-it-yourself process. However, it is a dangerous procedure that can lead to health hazards if proper mitigation measures are not established for mold in home removal. For safe mold removal and remediation, therefore, it is important to hire a professional who can remove all the fungi including mildew and mold. What is the importance of hiring the professional for this task?

Thorough Mold Removal

The fungus can grow everywhere as long as moisture is present. Hence, even if you remove it on your own, the affected area cannot be 100 percent fungal free. A commercial mold damage remediation company, however, does the job thoroughly since they are experienced and have proper safety equipment. They also do air deodorization to ensure that it is safe for inhaling.

Health Protection

Immediate removal will help reduce health concerns in the home or business. Doing the mold remediation without professional help, however, can expose the people around to toxins. Professional fungal removal experts protect themselves while dealing with home and commercial mold damage. They can also neutralize the smelly odor from the mold damage that could be harmful if inhaled.

Discover the Fungal Source

Mold removal and air deodorization is a great achievement. However, the chances of fungal and smelly odor reappearance are high if the source is not identified and appropriately dealt with. A professional mold removal and mitigation company not only clears the home and commercial mold damage, but it also locates the source. An industrial hygienist should test the presence of mold before the mitigation professionals leave the place.

The hygienist will explain the process and results to prove that the place is safe for living in after the mold damage is restored. Moreover, the professionals can differentiate any discoloration and the common areas where mildew and mold damage cannot be noticed. Once the source is discovered, the experts can help you determine the best action for the problem’s resolution. They can also show you how to identify a recurrence of mold in home.

Mitigate the Spread of Mold and Mildew

During the cleanup, mold spores get into the air and can spread into the whole house. Some of the do-it-yourself procedures also significantly lead to the spread. Even when the fungal spores are destroyed, they can still cause much harm if left behind. The spread becomes more intense if the mold spores enter the HVAC system since it contains warmth produced by the heating system, dust as the food source, and the moisture generated by the air conditioner. Professional companies have the knowledge and equipment necessary for remediation, mitigation, and deodorization.

The presence of mold in home is dangerous for humans and animals if proper remediation and mitigation action is not taken immediately. Trying to do the process alone poses more risks as you may agitate the mold and mildew causing it to spread to unaffected areas. The best action to take, therefore, is to call a professional do the removal and mitigation process; making sure that the mold damage cannot recur in future. They also deodorize the smelly odor that could be a threat to human and animal health.
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What to Do When You Have a Water Damage Issue

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What to Do When You Have a Water Damage Issue

From flood damage after a bad storm to plumbing issues, broken appliances and other problems, there are many things that can cause water to stream throughout your home or business. When you are dealing water in home or business, water cleanup and restoration are top goals. You want to eliminate water in business or your home, and drying out the property and returning it to normal quickly are urgent needs that must be dealt with promptly. If you are wondering how to deal with water and flood damage repair and mitigation needs, you can easily walk through a few steps to address the issue.

Water or flood damage is a serious issue that can become more problematic by the minute. While your water damage repair and mitigation team will respond quickly to your request for assistance, the serious damage could continue to worsen during that short period of time while you wait for the restoration team to arrive. With this in mind, it is imperative that you take steps to prevent more water from entering your space. Except in the case of a natural flood event, you should be able to stop the flow of water in home or business by taking various steps. For example, you can adjust the water supply valve to a broken appliance or to the entire home to address some issues. By taking this action, you can prevent additional water from entering the space while you wait for help to arrive.

What It Takes to Dry Out Your Home or Office

Drying out water in business or home is the next step to take in the water cleanup process. Regardless of whether water in home or water in business is an inch deep or much deeper, you need to thoroughly remove the standing water and dry out the space completely before the rest of the restoration work can begin. This phase in the water damage cleanup process is completed by your mitigation team using advanced extraction equipment. When the issue of water in home or business has been addressed, the issue of high humidity levels remain. High humidity levels can cause mold to grow in your building, and dehumidifier fans can be used to address this problem. Once the drying out phase has been completed, the repair and restoration phase can begin.

Understanding the Water Cleanup and Restoration Process

When dealing with flood damage or other types of water damage, you understandably want your property returned to normal quickly. The best mitigation team will work diligently to complete this final phase in the water cleanup process. Water in home and water in business can result in upheaval in your daily activities until the work has been completed, and the best restoration team will work efficiently to replace or to restore damaged items. They will also completely clean and deodorize the affected area of your property. The list thing you want is to have your property look as though it has been restored after a water damage event. Instead, you want your property to look as though a water event never took place, and this is what you can expect from reliable experts.

As you can see, there are several important steps that must be taken if you want to enjoy superior results from the water damage and cleanup process. Removing the water and drying out the space are only the first steps to take. Cleaning, repairing and other significant steps must also be taken to fully restore the building to its former condition. Quality equipment, supplies, materials and techniques must all be used to erase the signs of damage. After you have taken steps to stop additional water from flowing into your property, you can easily hire a trusted mitigation team to assist with the remaining steps in the cleanup process. Visit for more information on water damage.

Use Professional Fire Restoration Services to Alleviate Long Term Fire Impacts

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Use Professional Fire Restoration Services to Alleviate Long Term Fire Impacts

Fire Restoration Today

Has your home or business sustained fire damage in the past? Fires vary in duration and in the amount of damage they inflict. Yet anyone who has endured a fire in home settings or a fire in business environments likely appreciates the importance of obtaining thorough, skilled fire cleanup assistance afterwards.

In addition to leaving a distinctive smoke smell permeating the premises, a conflagration may create extensive property losses from soot damage and smoke damage. In some situations, particularly in cases involving commercial fire damage, high temperatures melt building materials or flammable items stored on the property. This process may release gases and unhealthy toxic chemicals in the vicinity. The presence of water from sprinkler systems and fire hoses further complicates fire cleanup and fire damage restoration efforts in many situations. For all these reasons, environmental health experts such as the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification have urged property owners to seek professional, specialized cleaning assistance following fire damage. Two aspects of this process remain particularly important: the labor intensive nature of fire cleanup and the need to correctly clear away ash residues to prevent corrosion.

Professional Fire Cleanup: Labor Intensive

Many people find the extensive hours required to help clean away fire damage surprising. Yet even comparatively small fires sometimes result in an extensive cleanup effort. Retaining a professional cleaning service ensures fire damage restoration can proceed in a timely manner. A single household usually cannot furnish the manpower required to clear away all the traces of fire in home environments even when friends and relatives assist with this effort.

Cleaning following a fire in business venues sometimes proves even more daunting. Commercial fire damage may extend across a substantial physical area. Removing wet and soot damaged carpeting and furnishings promptly requires a significant infusion of labor. Customers will notice the lingering smoke smell clinging to upholstery fabrics and fixtures even if a fire on business premises caused smoke damage alone.

Fire Damage Restoration Eliminates Lingering Toxins

Another strong reason to retain the assistance of a specialized fire damage restoration company after a blaze relates to the potential long term impacts of ash residues. Soot damage may seem harmless: yet this material sometimes contributes to rusting and tarnishing. Over the course of time, uncleaned ash residues may help cause the corrosion of metal surfaces and the discoloration of fiberglass, plastics and even fabrics.

To completely clean and sanitize a structure after a fire, removing the consequences of soot damage and smoke damage in a timely fashion remain key objectives. Professional restoration companies with experience cleaning after fire damage help many property owners recover from commercial fire damage after a fire in business premises. These firms may also assist with preventing soot damage and smoke damage from producing permanent deterioration following fire in home settings. Their employees have typically received training in the best ways to clean and restore treasured furnishings, including furniture and fixtures. While property owners may lose some items, capable fire damage restoration specialists help mitigate these losses. They assist in dispelling the noxious smoke smell faster, too.

A Developing Field

In the future, the specialized field of cleaning and restoration services will no doubt continue to evolve. Experts today have discovered ways to reduce losses caused by residential and commercial fire damage in numerous settings (including monument restoration in nations such as Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains). This ongoing effort likely will produce enhanced restoration technologies.

By helping to eliminate the lingering smoke smell which clings to items after a fire in home environments, fire restoration specialists offer a valuable service to many households. Companies appreciate their assistance after a fire in business premise, also. The development of additional restoration technologies contributes to the emerging field of fire damage cleanup and restoration!
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Proper Mold Removal and Remediation Steps

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Proper Mold Removal and Remediation Steps

Learning the basic mold remediation and concepts isn't hard, and it's necessary for anyone who wants to hire an ideal professional for quality work and at the best price. Although it's easy to master the step theoretically, it's always advisable to leave the actual work to the experts. Here are the steps the contractor needs to follow during mold removal:

Learning about the moisture

Assessing the extent of mold damage involves more than looking at the growing fungus. In most cases, the fungus is an invisible intruder that grows behind or around what's visible. An expert needs to understand the cause of the moisture problem. This way, all the fungus growth is located and repairs are done to prevent further mildew or water issues.

Creating a plan

To design a plan, one needs to document all the findings in a photo, video, and writing form. The plan will help the professionals to conduct their work efficiently. It also helps to know the work schedule and how the removal and remediation will be done.

Remediate mold contamination

The process of remediation involves cleaning up the existing mold and avoiding contact to oneself and the homeowners. It also involves preventing mildew that causes fungus growth by addressing the source of moisture. Mold removal includes the following steps:

Repairing the water source – this helps to prevent more mold damage by stopping mold from growing.
Isolating the contaminated section – all the windows and doors near the contaminated areas need to be closed and any opening must be sealed.
Suppressing dust – this is accomplished by misting the areas with mold in the home.
Removing materials - all wet and mold damaged materials must be removed. The dirty materials should be placed in bags, and then closed tightly. These bags might have a smelly odor so they shouldn't be disposed of as ordinary trash.
Cleaning – all the wood surfaces and non-porous materials with mold should be cleaned to get rid of the mold damage and smelly odor. Deodorization can be done at this stage too. All the surfaces with mold in the home must be scrubbed with a cloth and detergent solution, and then rinsed using clean water. The surface can also be vacuumed especially if it was a case of commercial mold damage.
Conducting a visibility test – once mold mitigation is over, the area would be free of debris and contamination. Lack of dirt and dust may mean no mold in the home.
Drying – the cleaned materials are then deodorized and dried to allow any moisture/mildew to evaporate. If the experts are dealing with commercial mold damage, more resources such dehumidifiers and fans will be needed to speed up the drying process after mitigation and deodorization.
Replacing – all the material that had been moved must be repaired or replaced.

Determining if mold mitigation is successful

Just because mold damage isn't visible and the smelly odor is gone after cleaning and deodorization, it doesn't mean that mold removal was successful. To know if the moisture problem is solved for good, the professionals can come back after mitigation. If any signs of mold damage are noticed, especially if it was commercial mold damage, the process must be repeated. Maybe the real source of mildew wasn't identified, or another problem occurred. But, when you work with a commercial mold damage contractor, the job will be perfectly done.

If one presumes that there is mold in their home, the problem should never be ignored. Look out for signs like smelly odor but don't simply do deodorization to get rid of the smell. To be sure, contact mold mitigation professional to get your property restored to its original state. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Water Loss? How to Get Your Home or Business Up and Running Again

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Water Loss? How to Get Your Home or Business Up and Running Again

Water is an important component of everyday activities both at home and in the office. Water in home is usefully for consumption, cleaning and cooking among others. Water in business is a vital resource not only for consumption but also for cleaning. However, flood damage can cause severe losses worth of millions of dollars. Without proper mitigation measures, damage by water can lead to flood damage. Flooding interferes with air movement especially in areas covered by the flood waters leading to dampness and growth of mold if proper drying and other mitigation measures are not carried out. Additionally, the resulting poor air movement can lead to rusting, discoloration and staining of house or office fittings and equipment and rotting of wooden surfaces. It is therefore important for proper water cleanup are taken as soon as possible a water damage event takes place.

Causes of Water Damage in Home or Business

The first step towards water damage restoration is identifying the key vulnerabilities of water in home or office. Knowledge of these vulnerabilities is crucial in identifying causes of water damage and mapping the procedure to take for a successful water damage restoration undertaking. The following are the key sources of water loss for water in business or home:

Plumbing system failure: This can be caused by freezing and eventual clogging of the pipes within the system or material failure. These failures can be caused by human activities or natural activities such as flood damage. System damage is common for water in home or office where systems are not frequently inspected and repaired.

Sewer system clogging and backing up may also cause water damage that may require extensive and expensive water cleanup.

Water heater failure: This is a common problem for water in home where the water tanks are old and poorly maintained. The flood damage resulting from such tanks are usually extensive and may require extensive mitigation due to their positioning on rooftops of houses.

Washing machine failure: This is a water damage common for water in house cases where these machines may either burst up or leak.
Managing Water Damage in House or Business

In the event of a water damage, many items and equipment will be inundated or sprayed with water. Water in business can cause significant losses due to the potential of grinding business operations to a halt.Similarly, water in home can even lead to lack of shelter. Therefore, a quick and planned water damage restoration measure should be implemented to salvage the situation and achieve water damage restoration as soon as possible. The following steps should be taken:

Calling a cleanup crew: After identifying the source of water damage, it is imperative to call a water damage restoration crew. This is recommended especially for water in business as failure to effectively carry out a proper damage by water restoration plan can lead to significant financial losses. For home owners, it is recommended that source is identified and if possible, a proper mitigation measure to prevent flow implemented including plugging or blocking the source.
However, a cleanup crew rarely do the drying up of surfaces, hence rarely improve air movement.

After the water cleanup crew has left the premises, it is imperative that proper drying of the surfaces is carried out. Drying helps with water loss restoration by improving air movement.
Replace broken appliances and fittings: All sources of damage by water should be replaced or repaired. Properly functioning systems and appliances eliminate the need for any mitigation measures including water cleanup crew.

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Be Safe After Any Water Damage

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Be Safe After Any Water Damage

After any water damage, the primary focus must be safety. In the case of water in the home, see if it is safe to stay in that house. There can be electrical hazards in case of water in business premises. A person can slip and fall due to water in the house.

During water damage or flood damage, a common tendency is to pick and keep away things. Do note that wet materials tend to be really heavy.

The mitigation after flood damage requires removal of excess water. This is done by mopping and blotting. The water damage restoration requires excess water from wooden furniture being removed. This has to be done after removing lamps and any other tabletop items.

For drying after water in the home, remove and prop up the wet upholstery including cushions.

The mitigation measures after flood damage will require the placing of aluminum foil or wooden blocks below furniture legs. Wet carpets require air movement to dry. Water damage restoration will require air movement to dry wet things faster.

Turn on air conditioning at maximum for water cleanup during summer in case of water in business.

The mitigation measures for colored rugs have to be different from other wet carpets. Hence water damage restoration is a specialized field.

The art objects must be taken to a safe and dry place to allow for water damage restoration.

Mitigation measures for water damage require gathering of loose items from the floors. Never leave any wet clothes on the floor. Hang the clothes, furs and leather goods as air movement will facilitate drying. In the same way, do not leave any books or magazines on floors. Never leave any colored items on any wet carpet. They will make a further mess up during water cleanup.

Water in business or water in the home cannot be removed by household vacuum. During flood damage, never use television or any other electronic appliances. They should be used only after water cleanup has been done.

If water damage has made the ceiling, do not switch on any ceiling fixtures. During water damage restoration, keep out of those rooms where the ceiling is sagging. Allow water cleanup to happen at its own pace.

In the case of water in home or water in business, do not walk in that water. One can never know what all is there in that water that can be dangerous.

Mitigation measures in case of water in home or water in business require the services of a professional. Get experienced people as soon as possible. This is because just air movement will not be enough here.

The drying of different items is done differently. While clothes and furs may be dried by hanging them in air, leather and wood and metals may require specialized treatment. Just drying of metal is not enough. It may require being tested for corrosion too. The drying of electronics is to be done by experts in this field. Just air movement will not help here. Complete water cleanup is required to get things back to normal. Visit for more information on water loss.

Fire Damage Restoration And Fire Loss Prevention

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Fire Damage Restoration And Fire Loss Prevention 

In the devastating event of a fire in home, or fire in business, there are many things that must be done for fire cleanup. Fire damage can leave extreme amounts of soot damage, air quality problems, and smoke damage. Commercial fire damage and fire loss can also be incredibly harmful to a business. Regardless of the amount of damage, it's of the utmost importance to have a professional assess the damage.

The fire damage can be damaging to one's health, especially if there is smoke damage. The air quality from the fire in the home will not only cause you harm, this as well as soot damage can be fatal to pets. Commercial fire damage can harm a business and its reputation if the fire cleanup isn't handled properly. It's not easy to explain to employees and customers that there's been a fire in the business.

The valuation of fire loss is typically handled by insurance adjusters. They will assess the estimate of fire damage and fire loss to determine an amount that will cover the fire cleanup and if your insurance policy will cover it. After the assessment is done, the homeowner should call a fire cleanup company to provide them with an estimate. The company will restore the property so the air quality, smoke damage, and soot damage are handled by a licensed professional.

If a homeowner decides to handle this on their own, the results could be disastrous, as they won't have access to the correct equipment to handle the job. If there is commercial fire damage from a fire in the businesses the owner should also have a professional assess everything.

After the fire cleanup company assesses the damage and you accept the estimate, they will begin to restore the air quality and clear the soot damage and smoke damage from the fire loss. The process is the same for a fire in a business or commercial fire damage.

When rehabilitating due to commercial fire damage, the business owner should keep in mind the health of their customers with the same level as if it were a fire in their own home. Insurance should cover costs of the fire in the business. The fire damage will, of course, affect air quality, and the business owner will need to make sure a fire damage expert takes care of all soot damage and smoke damage. Their customers shouldn't be able to tell there was ever a fire in the business.

Fire loss from a fire in a home is certainly something that nobody wants to deal with. Hiring a qualified professional to take care of the matter is paramount. Not only will the job be dome safely, but the restoration process should yield results as if there was never a fire in the home. While these events are never a good thing, help is available to make the process from the fire loss a little more bearable. Visit for more information on fire damage.

What Everyone Must Know About Mold Inspection

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What Everyone must know about Mold Inspection

Mold is a dangerous condition that can quickly ruin any person’s home. If this happens, a person’s house will no longer be a dwelling place. It will have to be emptied out and destroyed. No one should have to lose their home due to the presence of bacterial growth and mildew.

The following information will provide home owners with knowledge about mold inspection and mold cleanup. Once they have this information they will be able to restore their home and make it a safe place to live again.

How can you know if bacteria is growing inside of your home?

When most people believe they have a problem with microbial growth it will usually be detected by the following signs.

• Homeowners will usually discover visible signs of microbial growth that can be described as fuzzy, discolored or slimy patches on walls or on furniture or clothing. Remember that fungus and mildew is normally found on organic material.

• Most microbial growth produce a musty odor. If a person constantly smells an unpleasant musty smell in their home; chances are it could be from fungal microorganisms. An individual will usually have to inspect their property to ensure that this is not an issue.

• If a person cannot figure out if bacteria is present they should call an environmental hygienist. This professionally trained individual usually has the ability to detect any problems associated with microbial growth and development.

• A homeowner or an environmental hygienist should thoroughly examine a house to find any areas that have been overrun with water or excessive moisture. Sometimes water can be present without anyone knowing about it for a very long time. This will usually lead to microbial growth.

• An environmental hygienist will not just look on the surface of a home. Sometimes, they will go inside of walls and underneath flooring to discover where mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus are hiding. Homeowners should take the same action.

An environmental hygienist also uses special mold detection equipment to help them to find problems with mold. They also realize that mold typically hides in places such as bathrooms, kitchen areas and in basements where sump pumps might be or where there is an excessive amount of mildew and fungus.

How to know if you need Flood Mitigation and Microbial Cleanup Services

A person can easily figure out if they need flood mitigation and mold cleanup services by simply discovering the presence of fungus and bacteria. This is when they need to call a mold cleanup service. A flood mitigation service will remove water and debris from a home after it has been flooded.

A mold cleanup service is important for getting rid of microbes that can cause health problems. Most flood restoration companies provide these types of services together. They will usually help a person with mold cleanup and water removal.

Flood mitigation and mold cleanup services are relatively inexpensive and they can literally save a homeowner thousands of dollars on restoring their home. They can also help a homeowner from having to purchase another house. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.