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Different Causes of Water Damage

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Different Causes of Water Damage

Water is an important commodity in any building more so homes and workplaces. As a result, water accounts for a significant part of the utility bill. This commodity is also becoming increasingly scarce; hence, the cost of having it in the homes is also rising. Preservation measures encompass prevention of water damage as it causes massive water loss.

Causes of Water Loss

Water damage is a common problem that business premises and homes experience. The plumbing system in your house or business could go wrong leaving you with leaking faucets or bursting pipes. If there is a leak or damaged pipes, it is important to contact a restoration professional to avert the possible damage to your property. Apart from destroying your property, broken pipes will also cause massive water loss and push your bills up.

Flooding water in your home can destroy the indoor environment. The excessive moisture caused by flooding can lead to rapid deterioration of the structures and personal belongings. It could even lead to more problems if the water in your home is unsanitary and the drying process is delayed. Damaged water in business can destroy office production machines, computers, carpets, and furniture, among other valuables.

What should you do if there is flood water in your business or home?

Even after suffering a flood damage, it is possible to salvage the situation. When one encounters a flood, he or she may be overcome by fear and anxiety. It is imperative to note that panicking can only escalate the problem. Note that not all water-related problems could be fixed through DIY; some involve complex plumbing systems. Remember that water damage restoration also requires professionals who understand the potential hazards. For instance, water in a business premise could come into contact with your electrical wiring posing a grave danger to you and your employees.

The harmful effects of water can be reduced through prompt response and effective intervention. Some damages may appear irreversible but a quick water cleanup and subsequent mitigation processes can have incredible results. Calling a water damage expert is important to prevent further loss of water through leakage or spilling.

Water Cleanup

The process of restoration follows a scientific approach that also incorporates a drying process. First, it requires determination of the amount of damage caused by the water in a business or home. Professionals will assess your property to determine whether it can be restored or replaced. The criteria that a majority of them uses to assess the situation involves checking the extent of property damage, the extent of contamination, and the cost of restoring the property versus replacement cost.

This implies that if there is a prompt response to flood water in a home or business, most valuables can be saved. However, if you delay in calling an expert, the water in your home or business could have irreversible damage to your property. The damages could lead to the interruption of your business and increase the financial burden through costly utility bills and replacement costs. A comprehensive water damage mitigation also includes drying to prevent mold from growing.

Mitigation of Flood Damage

If you notice any kind of uncontrolled water in your home or business, you should not wait until the problem escalates. Most flood damage cases start as a small defect, are ignored for days, and end up bursting into an uncontrollable mess.

Flood damage is also associated with plumbing failures. Some of the steps you should take immediately you notice that there is damage in the water system include:
• Do not panic, remain focused on the task at hand
• Call your plumbing service company, some of them offer water cleanup and drying services
• If you can access the water main, shut it down to stop further loss of water and flooding
• The main electrical breaker should be shut and all the plugged electrical appliances removed from the carpet
• Lift all curtains that may be touching the floor
• Books, papers, and fabrics should be removed

The most important mitigation process is to commence with the restoration promptly. Calling an expert promptly will prevent further water loss and damage to your property. The experts will start with water cleanup to remove all the water in your business or home. Visit http://www.SERVPROgeaugacounty.com for more information on water damage.

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