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Water Damage Prevention, Inside and Out | SERVPRO of Geauga County

3/25/2024 (Permalink)

water and moisture damaged ceiling next to roof window When you find water damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Geauga County to help restore your space to preloss conditions!

Water damage is one of the top ways that homes are damaged across the nation. It can come into your home fast and furious from a flood, or drip silently into your walls and floors from a hole the size of a pinhead in one of your pipes. 

There is no doubt that we require a great deal of water to run our lives. We want water to be on demand, but when it tries to take over, it can be devastating to our homes and our lives. The good news is that we can take quite a few steps to keep our homes prepared for water Mother Nature or anything else brings. 

Prepared on the Outside

In order to stay safe from floods, heavy rains and other storms, we need to prepare the outside of our homes. Stopping water before it can ever do damage is the best way to prevent the need for costly repairs, and your yard can be a great first line of defense. 

Rain and floodwater need to be encouraged to move away from your house as quickly as possible, so make sure your yard has a slight slope. If you have a particular area of your yard that consistently stays wet, consider adding organic material that will help with water absorption. Gardens are another great way to ensure water stays out of your home. 

Along with your yard, your gutter system is another great line of defense against water damage. Your gutters do a lot for your home from the top down by preventing water damage to your roof and your basement. Help them out by keeping them clear of debris. 

Every fall and spring, spend time cleaning out leaves, sticks and anything else that could cause a blockage. During the winter, make sure ice dams don’t form by clearing excess snow and icicles off of your roof. 

Prepared on the Inside

Just like some simple maintenance on the outside of your home can go a long way in preventing water damage, taking some action inside your home is a great way to avoid needing costly repairs. 

Check window, door and basement sealing at least twice a year to ensure water can’t seep in through cracks. While some simple caulking can keep your windows and doors safe, you may need to have your basement professionally sealed if you start noticing visible cracks. Consider adding a sump pump to your basement as well. This will pull water out before you are left with a flood. 

Check under sinks and around tubs and toilets weekly to catch drips and potential leaks before damage sets in. This might seem excessive, but a single leak can drip several gallons of water in a day, leaving your walls and floors susceptible to structural damage and mold growth. Even splashes coming from a shower or tub can cause damage over time. 

Make sure your water lines are well-sealed and you have long enough shower curtains to keep water off of the floor. Check under your refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher, too—leaks like to hide out long-term under these large appliances. Replace worn-out seals or water lines that are showing signs of wear and tear to prevent damage later. 

Preventing water damage should be part of your regular home maintenance, inside and out. Keep your home safe and dry with these simple steps. 

If you have water damage in your home, contact us for fast restoration, 24/7.

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