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Chagrin Falls Business Owners; are you “Ready for Whatever Happens?”

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

Is your Chagrin Falls business ready for any size disaster?  Do you know what to do?  Do you have a plan in place? Better yet, do your employee’s know what to do, or who to call?

SERVPRO of Geauga County offers a program known as an ERP or an Emergency Ready Program.  An ERP is a free, web-based, program designed to help your business be better prepared for emergencies. This program offers a quick reference of what to do, how to do it, and who to call in advance, so that during the emergency you and your employees are “Ready for whatever happens.” 

Help is at your fingertips!!

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Is your Geauga County business ready for an ice storm?

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Severe ice storms can lead to property damage, employee and customer accidents, and even shut your business down. Here are a few ways to prepare your property and assist in the well-being of others:

  • Check your property for roof leaks, cracks or damage to gutters, and all trim.
  • Make sure overhead awnings are secure.
  • Check all overhead signage.
  • Keep walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots clean and salted / brined.
  • Keep a backup generator and make sure it is in proper working condition.
  • Make sure there are no low hanging tree branches or lines.
  • Make sure all fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working.
  • Check flashlight batteries.
  • Do you have a properly maintained First Aid Kit?
  • Do you have slip, trip, fall, and cautions signs radially available?
  • Check to see if all computers and servers are backed up.
  • Check sump pumps, water lines, shut off valves.
  • Check for icicles hanging.
  • Know your insurance policy, do you have enough coverage during a storm event.
  • Have an Emergency READY Profile in place for all owners and employees.

Preparation is a key component for making it through any size disaster. The best time to plan for an emergency, is not when it happens, but well before it happens. By working with SERVPRO® of Geauga County, we can help you develop a personalized Emergency READY Profile.

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Grease Fire Prevention

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

Are you getting ready for the big game, a birthday party, or wing night? Did you know cooking and cooking equipment that overheats, is the most common cause of household fires?

Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  1. Stay in the kitchen whenever you cook with oil or grease
  2. Use a heavy stock pot with a lid
  3. Keep the handles of pot turned so it can’t get knocked over.
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher near by
  5. If you notice smoke while cooking, it’s too hot. Turn off, let it cool.
  6. Use a thermometer and read the temperature guidelines on the oil label.
  7. Do not keep any flammable items on or near your stove.

If a grease fire does occur and the fire is manageable, here are a few tips:

  1. Call 911
  2. Protect your hair, skin, and body
  3. Turn flame off immediately
  4. Apply a lid onto the pot
  5. Do not touch the pot
  6. Never apply water, flour, sugar, towels or aprons to put a grease fire out.
  7. Use a dry and chemical-based fire extinguisher (Class B Extinguisher)
  8. If none of the above work, GET OUT! Wait for help to arrive.
  9. Call your Insurance Company
  10. Call a professional Mitigation Company

Always remember the P.A.S.S. Technique

P - Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher.

A - Aim the fire extinguisher at the fires base

S - Squeeze the handle.

S - Sweep the nozzle from side to side while pointing toward the base of the fire.

If you have unfortunately suffered from a fire and need restoration, cleanup services, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate professionals.

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Attic Inspected; Mold Detected?

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

Attic Mold This attic has black spots and rusted nails, where is the moisture coming from? Is your bathroom vented properly?

Are you trying to sell your home and the inspector notices mold in your attic? How will this affect your property value? Will the buyer be afraid of potential health risks? Not only can it affect the appearance and perception of the property, it may bring down the value of your home.

Many Chagrin Falls homes were built with poorly ventilated bathrooms. Bathroom fans that vent directly into an attic space verse the outside, have potential for mold issues. As you know heat rises, but did you know that once it meets the cool air of the attic, it condenses creating moisture. Mold grows when air is stagnant and humid, so having proper ventilation and circulation is crucial in preventing mold growth. If your home has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

SERVPRO of Geauga County specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, it is one of the cornerstones of our business.  

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Did you spot a leak underneath the kitchen sink?

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

Leak under my sink! This home had two layers of wood floor. After removing the first layer, we noticed how bad this valve leak was. Look at how wet the floor is!

Like many, the kitchen is the central hub of our home. This is where we gather to socialize, cook, prepare our morning drink, wash our hands, and rinse our dishes. So, when we discover a leak, it may feel as if all central functions of your home have come to a halt. Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Shut Off the Water Valves - Found underneath the sink
  2. Call a Plumber – Identify the leak, repair or replace leaking lines or fittings.
  3. Contact Insurance - Know what your insurance policy says before talking to your agent. It is important to read your policy to make sure your loss is covered. Sometimes, the repair may not be covered, but the water from the leak resulting in additional damage may be.
  4. Call a Professional Mitigation Team - Water damage is risky to leave unattended. Hidden water can cause damage to wood, cabinets, flooring, and even the ceiling below. SERVPRO of Geauga County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or any water damage event.

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Is your Geauga County Business Flooded?

1/9/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded Office Hallway Do you see the ceiling tiles on the floor? Never underestimate the potential risk associated with flooding and water damage in your building.

Flooding and water damage to your commercial property is often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and quick response. Whether we are faced with a relatively small water cleanup or a large-scale storm event, we work quickly to assess the situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility. Here are a few tips to follow prior to help arriving:


  • Shut off source of water.
  • Turn off Circuit Breakers.
  • Avoid contact with any sewage and contaminated contents.
  • Keep all employees away from affected areas.


  • Use electrical appliances
  • Use ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet
  • Enter any room with standing water
  • Wait to call for help, time is crucial.

SERVPRO of Geauga County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC- Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. It is our sincere desire to provide the finest in restoration and business recovery services to allow you to utilize normal operations at your facility as quickly as possible.

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3 Types of Damage You Can Expect in Your Business After a Fire

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores Commercial fire damage in Bainbridge, OH

3 Types of Damage You Can Expect in Your Business After a Fire

If your Bainbridge, OH, business experiences a fire, it’s highly recommended to contact a local fire damage restoration service. This is because a restoration service has the ability to deal with the various types of damage that come with a fire, including smoke cleaning and property restoration. Here are the three most common types of damage you may see.

1. Structural

Structural damage is probably the first problem many people think of after a fire. Not only can the flames eat through the building materials, such as wood or drywall, but the heat can weaken metal materials. In many cases a restoration service may have to replace these materials. Areas like these may be covered over until the repairs can be completed.

2. Odor

Another form of damage you may see a restoration crew address is smoke odor. Smoke cleaning typically involves the use of an ozone machine to help remove lingering odor from the air, as well as special cleaners to remove unpleasant smoke scents from office furniture and equipment. If the majority of the damage is odor-related, you may still be able to go through daily operations in the area.

3. Smoke

Fire is not the only harming element of a fire. Smoke damage can cause a number of problems, from interfering with electronics to leaving behind obnoxious odor. Fortunately, a restoration service can remove smoke damage from the structure, as well as any damaged items. This process may involve the use of special cleaners, and may depend on the item type. A professional should be asked to clean any affected electronics.
Whether your business needs structural reinforcement, odor removal or smoke cleaning, a local restoration service can help. These professionals can have your business property restored so that it looks like the fire never occurred. If you have any questions, a professional should be able to help.

What To Know About Commercial Generators

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial backup generator A generator is a key piece of equipment for any Chagrin Falls, OH, business

What To Know About Commercial Generators

A generator is a key piece of equipment for any Chagrin Falls, OH, business. It can keep your electronics running even when there is severe storm damage to your property. They are particularly useful if your company has been hit by one of the following:

  • An earthquake
  • A local blackout
  • A flood

However, you should avoid using generators or other electronics if they have been severely affected by water damage. In this scenario, you should first perform flood cleanup before attempting to utilize alternative power equipment.

How Generators Work

Commercial generators store solar energy, diesel fuel or natural gas that can then be used to power a building when the electricity is not working. You can purchase automatic generators that turn on as soon as they sense an outage has occurred.

How Long Generators Last

A typical generator should operate for approximately 3,000 hours. High-quality generators, however, can last for up to 5,000 hours.
Still, you shouldn’t have to replace generators that often since you will only use them following an outage.
At most, it should take a few weeks for professionals to restore power after a blackout or storm. You can then turn the generators back off. Since your generators will be powered down for extended periods of time, they should last 20 to 30 years.

How To Keep Your Generators Functioning Properly

If you want to avoid generator problems, you should perform regular preventative maintenance. Otherwise, your machine could break down sooner than expected, which could leave you without power during a major storm.
Buying and maintaining a commercial generator will help you keep your business running during a disaster. Still, even if you have working generators, you may have to deal with severe flood damage to your office of business space. If this happens, your local emergency restoration services company can assist with storm cleanup and repairs to get you back in business.

How To Prevent Water Damage

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking pipe in ceiling Leaking pipe in ceiling

How To Prevent Water Damage

As a homeowner, you want to avoid major complications to your property. In fact, there are some things that may seem hard to prevent, but there are actions you could take to save you a major headache. For example, water in home crawl spaces and materials is hazardous, requiring prompt attention and potentially creating water damage. Finding it, though, can seem tricky as it often begins in minute and seemingly innocent stages. You can take actions to locate water leaks early. To try to avoid this complication, consider the following three tips.

1. Inspect It

Being proactive is important. As a homeowner, be on the lookout for any of the following:

  • Clogged gutter
  • Broken pipe
  • Ruined shingle
  • Weak caulking
  • Running toilet
  • Dripping faucet

For larger projects, set aside time every few months to evaluate the locations, ensuring that they are in proper condition. As for the everyday fixtures, try to stay alert. Note any changes in pressure or function, and, if you see any signs of a leak, call a plumber.

2. Dry It

When your child spills a drink, it is important to wipe it up right away. Drips are just as important. They are tiny; over time, however, water in home carpet and drywall accumulates, sucking in the moisture like a sponge. This is hazardous as it attracts fungus and ruins materials. Focus on removing the humidity quickly. Consider running dehumidifiers and exhaust vents.

3. Fix It

As soon as possible, fix any plumbing issues. During a pipe cleanup, you'll want to attend to the initial break and the consequences of it. For example, don't throw down towels and wait a few days, thinking the liquid won't cause any harm. The moisture can seep into carpet, grout and drywall; therefore, what seems harmless actually can be quite detrimental. The wetness sits and could potentially create a musty odor, mold and rot. Contact a water remediation company in Chardon, OH, to test the area and begin appropriate restoration services.
When things break, don't push them off until tomorrow. Water in home materials is problematic. Instead, be alert, keep it clean and repair it.

Shutting Down Mold After a Home Flood

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Air mover placed by a cabinet drying affected area in a home Air mover drying out affected area in house after storm damage

Dealing With Mold After a Flood In Your Home

Mold growth is a pesky side effect of flooding. Even an inch of standing water in your home can trigger a chain reaction that leads to smelly, unsightly fungus. What can be done to minimize the formation of mold, or clean it up if it’s already there? Here are a few easy tips for dealing with mold after a flood in your Burton, OH, home.

Get Rid of the Water

Get started by removing as much water as you can. Good tools include:

  • mops
  • buckets
  • gloves

Use mops and buckets to remove or absorb as much water as possible. This method is best if you’re dealing with water that hasn’t been contaminated with human or animal waste. Such water is best removed by professionals.

Dry Everything Out

Mold spores thrive in warm, wet locales. This makes thoroughly drying your home very important. Open windows and use large fans to dry the area out quickly and thoroughly. For an extra punch, rent a dehumidifier and leave it on overnight.

Disinfect Everything

One of the biggest threats posed by standing water from a flood is bacteria. It’s a must that you disinfect everything it touched. Use a disinfectant to wipe down surfaces and kill any germs the flood water may have deposited. As an added benefit, wiping things down can help remove mold spores and discourage mold growth.

Dispose of Damaged Items

Unfortunately, flood damage can be devastating to porous materials like fabric. Evaluate the contents of your home and throw away anything that can’t be completely disinfected. This includes electronics, papers and other absorbent items.
Flood damage can be extensive to a home, but mold growth can make things even worse. For minor damage, use the above tips. And for major flood damage, find a water remediation company to get the type of water removal, drying and disinfecting you need to get your household back on its feet.